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Leather flash drives


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In Stock: 2350 pc.

BRAGG 8GB. USB flash drive, 8GB
EU20-119866 BRAGG 8GB. USB flash drive, 8GB 16.04€
54.55 Br

Остатки по запросу

8GB leather flash drive
-12 %
EU6-145087 8GB leather flash drive 26.62€ 30.10€
90.49 Br

Leather flash drives for logo printing for wholesale order

Logo Leather flash drives are not only a great gift idea for employees, clients or business partners, but also a relatively inexpensive effective marketing technique. In addition, such advertising is not intrusive, and branded Leather flash drives will remind people of your company, causing only positive associations.

The catalog contains more than 2 products from the best European product catalogs for branding at prices from 13.37€. And in total, there are more than 100,000 promo souvenirs in stock for applying a logo.

Logos are applied by the European factory-supplier, using the most suitable printing methods for this type of goods (screen printing, pad printing, laser engraving, decal, embossing and other methods of application).

We deliver corporate merch from Europe in just 15 days! In Belarus - free of charge, in Russia: when ordering up to 1000 EUR - delivery at your expense, when ordering from 1000 EUR - as a gift.