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Gift set SUGREV "St. Basil's Cathedral" with 6 teas RU1-173138

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Gift set SUGREV "St. Basil's Cathedral" with 6 teas Gift set of six exclusive blends of loose leaf tea and tea drinks with the addition of herbs and berries typical for different regions of Russia, in a gift sachet. Contains on the reverse side the author's illustration with the main symbol of Russia - the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed. The illustration is provided with a description of the history of the creation of the CVB in Russian and English. Teas and tea drinks are free of flavors and colors. All boxes inside the set have both Russian and English front sides. Reasons to buy the set: The set is interesting for companies, banks, government agencies that have a network of branches of regional distributors' offices, since it is a "metaphor" for the whole of Russia (from Karelian tea to Kuban and Siberian tea). It emphasizes the Russian geography of the customer's presence. Also, the set allows you to be politically correct both in front of partners and in front of employees, as it includes blends of tea drinks from different ethnocultural groups. A worthy gift for friends, colleagues, partners; an original souvenir from Russia for foreigners; non-trivial gift to the leader; a present for teachers, doctors, etc .; delicious tea for personal consumption. Possible customization: The mini greeting card can be threaded through the eyelet and attached to the bag handle. It is also possible to apply the client's logo (in one paint) on the package itself. Set size (mm): 150 x 220 x 65 Gross weight of the set: 200 g Inside the package, teas and tea drinks are packed in small cardboard boxes measuring 70 x 70 x 55 mm.


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